Core Work

Safety is a responsibility of every employee. At abs group we understand that accidents are prevented through cautious planning, appropriate training, and cooperative efforts in all areas of our operations. All our work is performed in the safest possible manner. The challenges and advancements faced by the construction industry are unique in terms of safety. When methods and techniques have improved in a manner that consistently increasing efficiency and productivity, the accident incidence for construction continues to be a concern, particularly as highrise buildings are being constructed throughout Male’. Effective preventative measures are therefore always identified and implement at all our work sites. Constant Improvement abs group has a tradition of fine performance, founded on a commitment to performing construction within budget and according to specifications. The Company has established itself as one of the most highly regarded companies by continually improving the quality of its work product and opportunities that are available for our employees. The desire and commitment to improve on everything we do here is of the utmost importance to abs group. This unwavering dedication towards progression is what broadens the focus of our business and allows our employees to thoroughly examine every aspect of their performance at abs group. Through this process, we remain steadfast in our tradition to deliver superior performance, attention to safety issues, satisfaction to our customers and fulfillment for our employees. Services As a full-service construction company, abs group essentially assists clients from the very outset to the completion of their project. We become partners with our clients in understanding the five basic functions of:
  • Defining and establishing the scope of the construction project

  • Pre-construction project planning including preparation and scheduling of the projects, phasing plans, budgeting/cost-modeling, subcontractor qualification etc.

  • On-site execution of the project includes scheduling, quality control, safety management, subcontractor management, status reporting and change management.

  • Monitoring and controlling the project

  • Closing of the project related to the post construction activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is the way to conduct business that achieves a balance or integration of economic, environmental and social imperatives while at the same time addressing end users expectations. The company's Corporate Social Responsibility is to work in tandem with the environment without upsetting the ever-fragile eco-system is our philosophy. The organisation attempts to give its workforce a quality life, a hazard-free working environment, and drive them to a higher standard of living by providing them access to amenities like transportation, medical facilities and other civic infrastructure. We use new technologies and methodologies that enhance our ability to conduct our operations in a manner that reduces environmental impacts.

Project Delivery Methods


abs group builds a diverse range of projects for both government and private clients under a variety of project delivery methods including:

  • Lump Sum bid from completed drawings

  • Construction Management

  • Design-Build Development

  • Pre-construction Services

Our projects are: