We Prefer adequate, simpler, and low-maintenance Exterior Designs. There are simpler designs because we feel that’s becoming more appealing and more family-centered, stay-at-home lifestyle. One of the key trends we follow in residential exteriors is the sophistication and growth of outdoor living space. Design of houses is increasingly becoming more tied to the land, including landscaping that incorporates native plants and space for appreciating the surrounding scenery.



Abs Infrazon has extensive experience designing retail, office and commercial mixed use urban squares that respond to client and user demands. PUBLIC REALM Across West Bengal,we create lively neighborhoods, streets capes and urban spaces, with thorough, comprehensive consultation processes. RESIDENTIAL Abs Infrazon exclusively design residential developments with shared and private spaces, in often tight space constraints and specific briefs.


Home exterior design is as important as interior.Give your home a unique look and also make it energy efficient in support of abs tower.


Abs Infrazon can assist clients in formation of landscape brief and assessment of site development capacity through landscape appraisals, visual impact studies (LVIA), townscape character analysis and landscape master planning. We promote the early involvement of landscape in the design process to ensure the integration and coordination of key landscape elements with architectural and engineering strategies. CONCEPT DESIGN Proposing early concepts or strategic approaches to often complex urban or commercial projects, Our experts are skilled at quickly capturing our clients’ visions and relaying these with supporting graphic and written information. We also provide landscape planning advice for clients to ensure that concepts are in line with the requirements of local and national planning policies which can form the basis of an outline planning submission. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Abs Infrazon can quickly and succinctly prepare landscape information to a level to support a full planning application at a level that meets the LPA requirements while maintaining the flexibility often required by our clients. Abs Infrazon understand the need for full team integration and maintaining a focus on achieve-ability and build-ability at this stage. DETAILED DESIGN Abs Infrazon provide detailed design and post planning services such as detailed scheme designs, planting strategies and design, levels and grading, detailed assembly designs through to full documentation (plans sections, details and NBS specifications) that can be issued to contractors for pricing and tendering, both alone, and as part of a design team. TENDERING AND IMPLEMENTATION Abs Infrazon provide tendering, tender review, contract administration and technical landscape services for implementation of landscape works. Abs Infrazon commitment to achieving high quality results had often involved a strong site presence during implementation and assistance in sourcing plant material, checking mock-ups or off site

Residential interior design

Residential interior design refers to the designing of people’s homes as opposed to commercial property.The object of these designers is to create interiors that fit the functioning of clients’ homes, but also reflect each client’s personal taste.A home is a personal space and excellent residential interior design personalizes the designs of homes.

Confidently design residential developments with shared and private spaces, in often tight space constraints and specific briefs.
Across the WB, abs Infrazon create lively neighbourhoods, streetscapes and urban spaces, with thorough, comprehensive consultation processes.


We provide clients with landscape design, project management services and advice according to the level of input required, either as primary consultants or as specialists in a multi-disciplinary design team. We currently operate, and have experience in, the following work sectors:

Strategic landscape master planning for development Commercial landscape design, planning and project management Residential and housing, garden design and project management Civic and public realm, landscape and urban design Education and recreational landscape design and planning Landscape, urban park and heritage open space design and planning

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