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Equinox is Hooghly’s first 5th generation, conveniently located and well equipped fitness Training Institution. This centrally air conditioned unisex training institution is a subsidiary of abs infrazon (wings of abs group of companies).

How we train:-

In Equinox, you will be trained by our professional trainers. It has a wide range of ironic classic equipment. We provide you various facilities like steam bath, massaging, yoga and meditation classes. Our experts will guide you, help you to keep motivated in every step.

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They measure the clients’ strengths and weakness with fitness assessments and also educate their clients by providing general health and nutritional guidelines. Here every individuals will be supervised by our professionals. If you are recovering from any illness or injury, our modern gym instruments and professionals will help you to feel better. If you focus on relaxation or aerobic exercise then we provide you different classes to suit your needs. Not only that, our lady trainers will also take care of women.



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Ultimate destination for fit and healthy lifestyle. Yes we do the same but in a different way. Each & every brick has been putted here scientifically . Therefore you can achieve your goal early .

Special Care for Women

Women fitness seem to have different meanings for women in general.So its very important to have some special arrangements for them.. Every woman likes privacy.


Therefore we provide ladies professional trainer along with different time schedule. Exercise during pregnancy works wonder for both woman and her baby.For them our professionals provide special guidelines.

  • MULTI-GYM Time Schedule :

  • Winter

  • 6:00 AM to 12:30 PM

  • 1:30 PM to 10:00 PM

  • Summer

  • 6:00 AM to 01:00 PM

  • 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Best Trainers In the City :

Our fitness trainers are thoroughly professionals who know how to keep people motivated to follow the entire fitness program.

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Like different Time schedule we also have male and female professional trainer for respective members.

Working in Equinox is a great experience. Co-trainers are very helpful,besides lovely environment.I have been working here for last 6 months. Working hours are flexible and work culture is also comfortable. I wish all the best and great success of Equinox.
Trainer's review, Equinox
Choosing Equinox is one of the greatest decisions I have ever taken in my life. Its not only well equipped, trainers are motivating and helping me to achieve my goal. I thoroughly enjoying my session. So guys if you want to shape your body and also keep healthy then Equinox is the ultimate destination.
Client's review, Equinox
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Multi-Gym Tariff for Students

Institutions / organizations Daily basis (Per student / 1.Hrs.) Monthly basis (Per student 1 hour per day)
Govt. Schools Rs. 40/- Rs. 400/-
Other Schools & Colleges Rs. 175/- Rs. 1200/-
Govt. Organizations, Sports Associations & Federations Rs. 100/- Rs. 1200/-
Other Institutions Rs. 150/- Rs. 2500/-
Foreign Institutions Rs. 500/- Rs. 5000/-


Multi-Gym Tariff for General

SEX Daily basis (Per student / 1.Hrs.) Monthly basis (Per student 1 hour per day)
Female Rs. 175/- Rs. 1200/-
Male Rs. 200/- Rs. 1500/-

Multi-Gym Tariff For Life Membership

Category Life Time Membership Fees
Life Time Club Bronze Membership Rs.15,000/-
Life Time Club Silver Membership Rs. 30,000/-
Life Time Club Gold Membership Rs. 50,000/-

Terms and Conditions :

1. Service tax and other tax will be charge extra as per Govt. Norms.
2. Rates / Fees of Coaching are subject to be change any time.
3. Contact Reception for joining any of the above schemes.
4. Fees as applicable should be deposited at the Reception and receipt obtained.

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5. Admission fees will be applicable for all Rs. 1,000/-
6. Two copy Color Photograph & Photocopy of Voter I/D Card Should be deposited.
7. Pl. Bring your I/D Card (Which will given by the authority) daily.
8. No extra time will be allowed against your schedule time.


What we offer You may think why you will come to Equinox. Its because we have everything you need to achieve full fitness. We provide centrally air conditioned well equipped gym which also has well foot gripped wooden floor. This modern fitness training institution offers you a wide range of services.

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Starting from free hand exercise, yoga, meditation, steam bath, massage facility and many more. We have a lots of modern gym instruments. Though it’s a unisex institution, it has different time schedules for men and women. Our online payment option will be available soon. So don’t wait. Join Equinox and step towards a healthy life.

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